◊ Performer agrees to be a person of good moral character, now and at all times during the Model Search competition.

◊ Performer has not committed, nor will Performer commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and conventions or which may reflect negatively upon the Model Search, its sponsors, Affiliates, or any party related there-to.

◊ Performer shall not knowingly or intentionally engage in nude, lewd, or lascivious media.

◊ At all times Performer will be courteous, polite and act in a professional manner during the Model Search.

◊ Performer will be respectful of everyone’s time and be punctual to all Model Search scheduled events.

◊ Performer agrees that if they maintain or is involved in electronic networking sites such as Websites, Twitter, Facebook, blog, message boards etc., they will present a positive image which will not contain behavior such as negative postings, inappropriate photos or inappropriate language. Any Performer found publicly posting slanderous remarks on public forums will be immediately disqualified. This also includes any form of Social Media.

◊ At functions where Performers intermingle, Performer will behave in a courteous manner, and maintain polite conversation.

◊ Performer agrees to not leave the scheduled events during the Model Search nor accept any personal invitation from a person not belonging to the Model Search organization.

◊ Performer will advise their family, friends and/or representatives that no one is allowed on stage immediately after the crowning to allow time for the Model Search Photographer and Videographer to take the official pictures of the winners and the court.

◊ No unauthorized, friend, family member and/or representatives are allowed backstage / staging areas.

◊ No unauthorized visitors are allowed in “Contestant” Rooms with without explicit authorization from Producers.

◊ Performer will not in any way or at any time make comments or correspond in such a manner as to be considered slanderous or libelous to their fellow Performers, or any party directly related or connected to the Model Search. Any such comment or correspondence may result in immediate disqualification and revocation of title.

◊ At all times Performer will display good sportsmanship. Behavior which is considered disruptive or ill-tempered before, during or after the Model Search may result in immediate disqualification and removal from the premises. Such actions may also result in legal charges.

◊ All issues related to the Rules and consequences for violation(s) thereof shall be determined solely and exclusively by the Producers. Performer agrees to accept such determinations made by the Producers both as to themselves and others.