Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions About Our
Model Search Reality Show



Is This Model Search Legit?

Yes: We have put together sponsors that wish to get the best of the best to showcase their swimsuits and even get featured on the cover of their magazines.


$75,000 – 1st Place – Miss Swimsuit Centerfold
$25,000 – 2nd Place

$10,000 – 3rd Place

$5,000 – Miss Congeniality – Voted by Contestants

Magazines & Calendar will have their own criteria in selection during the show.

 Modeling Contracts will be dealt with by respective sponsors and their criteria.

Make sure to review the Itinerary  & Rules

How Does This Work As a Reality Show

Simple: We will follow the contestants as they compete and participate in excursions all around Cancun.

Where Are We Staying

We are in the process of negotiations with many resorts in the Cabo area.


What Do I need To Bring With Me?

Almost everything has been taken care of for you.

However, you need to bring:

A: One Pageant Style Gala Gown
B: One Cocktail Dress / Club Wear Styled Dress
C: One Pair of Black Shorts (Any Type – Cloth to Jean Material is just fine)
D: Three Bikini’s that you would like to have your photo’s taken in
E: Miscellaneous Clothing for the week.
F: Miscellaneous Beauty Supplies & Makeup.

Do I Need To Buy My Own Plane Ticket


What Are The Costs To Participate

There are a few costs associated with being part of this model search reality show

1: $400 – $1800 – Plane ticket, it varies by flight time and carrier, we recommend using discount ticket sources.
2: $200 extra spending cash – souvenirs etc.

Will I Be In My Own Room?

No, You will be sharing a room with two to three other contestants.

What Kind Of Competitions Are There

1: Swimsuit Competition
2: Pageant Gown & Cocktail Dress
3: Personality with Questions & Answers

Can I Bring A Guest

Yes, you can.  However, they will need to purchase their own room.  We can offer them a steeply discounted rate.  Instead of Paying $1800 for room and excursions we can offer them the package at $1000. This will also allow them to participate in all excursions as well.  Bare in mind they too will have to sign a participation agreement since they too will be on TV.

What About Sponsors

Due to the nature of Television, it is very difficult to work with model sponsors.  
We will not be offering promotions for businesses that wish to sponsor contestants.

What Exactly Is The Procedure

A: Fill out the basic Application.
B: Our Committee reviews your Social Media Profile to
ensure compatibility with our Model Search Reality TV show premise.
C: If approved you are sent an email congratulating your acceptance.
D. Fill out full contact form measurements etc. 
    Height  | Weight  |  Measurements  | Shoe Size  | etc…
 1: Sign The Performer Agreement – This is a Reality TV show and you will be competing in front of millions
>>You decide if you wish to participate<<
2. Buy plane ticket.
May 1st after 9:AM to 3:PM is best
Return home May 14th, any time you like.
5. Email flight confirmed number To 
6. Fly to Cancun and be part of the model search and TV show.
That’s it no special hoops no tricks, straight forward. 
We are all here to create an amazing SHOW.
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